We are all pieces of the same puzzle

The Staff

­“Okay Boomer.” This phrase has been everywhere on social media in the last few months. It is a way of the ‘younger’ generations, like Millenials and Gen Z, dismissing the ideas and opinions of the older, Baby Boomer generation. There has always been a notion that the Baby Boomers are so different from the way that the Millenials and Gen Z grew up. The latter are considered the children of technology, and the Boomers had more of a traditional way of growing up, with less technology and worldly connectivity. But how different are we really?

 There are so many aspects that make us all more similar than different. We all feel the same emotions and have similar experiences, which define the milestones in many people’s lives. Whether it be graduating high school or starting a family, there is an inherent desire to be successful and make a good life for ourselves, because it is human nature. Every generation goes through struggles, and each one is seen as radical and different by their elders. The desire to rebel and do what one wants to do, fight the status quo, and strive to change the world to make it a better place for ourselves and everyone else can be seen in every single generation. Even though the intention is the same, each one has different views on how to do that, and that is what causes the rift between the generations.

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Even if the methods of acquiring information have changed, or perhaps become easier, the commonality between all the generations is the quest for knowledge and always wanting to know more. In the end, we are all pieces of the same puzzle.